Marvel One-shots and Short Stories

Marvel One-shots and Short Stories

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•Valerie• By Cherokee__Rose Updated Aug 07

*Requests Open*

Make sure to PM or comment your requests.

Optional: Story line, (your) character description, story type (action, romance, angst, etc.), background, anything else that may seem fitting.

(Male) Character X OC
•Steve Rogers
•Bucky Barnes
•Tony Stark
•Bruce Banner 
•Clint Barton 
•Grant Ward
•Leo Fitz
•Pietro Maximoff (AOU) (X-Men)
•Thor Odinson
•Nick Fury
•Loki Laufyson 
•James Rhodes 
•Sam Wilson
•Peter Parker (ASM) (CW)
•Scott Lang 
•Peter Quill (Star-Lord)
•Wade Wilson
•Johnny Storm
•Matt Murdock
•Nick Fury
•Phil Coulson 
•Robbie Reyes

R-Rated for Mature Content: Language, Gore, brief descriptions of sensuality.

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<3 I don't know whether to cry or laugh or explode...! T^T <3 </3