The Nerd Can Fight

The Nerd Can Fight

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Michelle By Michelle_Box Updated Jul 20

Kathryn Martin was running from her past. Moving to a new town by herself, she has to find a way to provide money for herself. This way is by street fighting. Nobody knows her secret because she has a disguise, both for her fights and for school. 
Meet Kathryn Martin, the nerd of the school. 

Now, meet Aiden Ross. The school's bad boy. The girls want him and the boys want to be him. When Kathryn is paired with Aiden for a school project, he is more than livid. Aiden doesn't want to spend one more second with the nerd than he has too. 

Kathryn has to keep her secret from Aiden and his friends which are almost always around while also hiding from a person of the past.

_3amtalks_ _3amtalks_ Apr 24
The hell? my schedule changes everyday ugh the cons of New Zealand
Why is it that all the books that I have read so far have had a main character that hates the morning but they have a best friend that does
Cl1ch3d Cl1ch3d Apr 30
Me too sigh ... One time I hit my head on the wall so early I just leaned on the wall and decided not to move
Brush I go grocery shopping ONLY st night cause there's a lot of very interesting people there 😂
My Thursday schedule is wonderful, being half of the day are free periods ;3
qwerty5643 qwerty5643 May 02
I read "I slip on my skinny jeans" as her slipping on them. Because that would be me.