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My Overprotective Brothers And I

My Overprotective Brothers And I

69.9K Reads 1.7K Votes 30 Part Story
Div By divya210 Completed

Book 2 
15 guys
1 sister
A crazy family
Over protective Brothers 
Hey I'm Abigail Sierra Sinclair 15 years old, have good grades, 4.5 GPA, number 1 in my class. I have 15 brothers. Yea you heard me right. At least I have people to talk to. The bad side is. They are all Over Protective. Even My Twin Connor! Whenever I try to explain this to Mom and Dad they just laugh! My mom is Alison Sinclair. Yes the singer. My dad is Spencer Sinclair. Yea the one who owns Sinclair Industries. Anyway my life may seem ordinary but it's far from that. My life's crazy. So come on join me in my journey. This is my story

#408 Teen Fiction- Feb 2, 2017

kpollas kpollas Oct 21, 2016
I love this but there's too many and I'm confused all I know is Connor is her twin
Wise_Girl2002 Wise_Girl2002 Dec 20, 2016
This would be so much hotter if he wasn't her brother. Now it's just cute.
I have three brother all older than me and the literally do the exact same thing to me
Dragon_Rider_Jazz Dragon_Rider_Jazz Aug 22, 2016
I appreciate an author who can have so many characters with different but similar personalities and keep track of them all👌 (I struggle with it quite a lot 😂)
jcviolet8 jcviolet8 Jan 02
I'm untalented so I already know I'm gonna mess up these names.
lizzyliz24 lizzyliz24 Oct 02, 2016
I think you might have messed up on the birthdays because when she's talking she says she's 15 but when you were listing them it says she's 16 also you said she's the youngest but you have Daryl as 14. I'm just a little confused