Together United ( Percy Jackson and teen wolf crossover.)

Together United ( Percy Jackson and teen wolf crossover.)

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E. B. Wyeth By Belle_books_ Updated Mar 26, 2016

Percy, and Annabeth we're asked by Mr. Chase to come be with him before they go off to college.
They take Nico along to this little town called Beacon Hills.
They think Beacon Hills is this quaint and peaceful town, is it? Nope!
It's full of werewolves and the supernatural.

When Percy runs into Scott and his pack, and he witnesses there new enemy. Percy, Annabeth, and Nico have to help them.

What will happen when an old Friend becomes a new enemy?

 Written by @belle_books_7
 Written by @super_fandom_fangirl

We do not own Teen wolf or Percy Jackson.

HazelLevasqueZhang HazelLevasqueZhang May 06, 2016
Hi I'm Stiles. And I just ran over you in a Jeep. Nice to meet you
heart_of_a_Slytherin heart_of_a_Slytherin Apr 13, 2016
I hate swimming in public pools, so I use this excuse all the time
- - Mar 14, 2016
Can't wait to read the rest of the story I read your flash and Percy Jackson crossover and hope it's just as amazing
thelexiellama thelexiellama Jul 16, 2016
I drug my friends into my house all the time, with biscuits and cake
- - Mar 27, 2016
Amazing chapter I love this book already I liked the phone idea that was cool and I love the way you made everyone meet I think with ambrosia it just makes the pain go away not the whole injury depending on how much you eat but use it how ever you want it's your story