Chat...Blanc? (EDITING)

Chat...Blanc? (EDITING)

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This is the story in when Chat Noir finally snaps. He wants Ladybug. And he wants her now.

Cover made by Sakura Rose 12 on tumblr! Heads up to @XxAngela03xX for this idea, even though I am modifying it somewhat. Oh, and I did not make the awesome show Miraculous. Hope you enjoy!

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pj_percabeth pj_percabeth May 27, 2017
Okay class. We will be teaching people about common sense today. First, we need to take attendance.
                              The fandom? Here. Okay, good.
                              Everyone in Paris? Absent? Well then.
emmagilnagh98 emmagilnagh98 Jul 01, 2017
Dont let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game
AwesomeMeli581 AwesomeMeli581 Aug 03, 2017
Ok he tells ladybug he loves her, she dumps him, and he goes strait to another girl he likes. Man Chat is going fast. I wouldn't be surprised if he completely forgot about ladybug. I am screaming inside
'Just do it ' She said.
                              And at that moment, the brony fandom went wild. (It was a massive thing a few years back)
AyeshaRatriAnjani AyeshaRatriAnjani Oct 11, 2017
AyeshaRatriAnjani AyeshaRatriAnjani Oct 11, 2017
I need some time...
                              *puts head into a bucket*
                              WHY CAN'T THEY JUST KNOW EVERYTHING!?!?