My Stepbrother Is A Vampire (#Wattys2016)

My Stepbrother Is A Vampire (#Wattys2016)

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Prettytt By Prettytt Updated Oct 17

*You can read this story and know nothing about vampires.

What happens when your dad marries a bitchy woman who has a bitchy son, the same age as you? Especially when they're a VAMPIRE?


Elena thought that she was going to have a normal, fun summer. She thought that she was going to hang out with her friends every night, spend quality time with her dad and family, and eat as much as she desired. 

Except for the friends part. She has no friends. 

She thought wrong when her dad started dating. Her dad just happened to date a woman who's son is a vampire. But he's not your average vampire. He's an Italian vampire. 

Yeah, you read that right. 

An Italian. Freaking. Vampire.


Getting off onto bad terms the moment they meet, the two struggle with learning how to get along and controlling their hormones when their parents marry each other. One night something bizarre happens, and Devin and Elena are forced to discover insane secrets.

sandy-craft sandy-craft May 04
The girl is really different than other kinds I read....totally lookin forward to more of her sassiness
sandy-craft sandy-craft May 04
Love him already....cmmon ...he knows how to make a girl feel comfoartable
EveSlim EveSlim Jun 30
Omg me to, I could be listening to a good music and out of no where my mom or friend would start talking to me and I be like omg shut up but I can't say that to my mom so I just pretend to listen and nod to everything she says till she's done
I know Spanish and I understood this, and let just say I got red as a tomato after reading this
I love the way you write 💗 keep making! we love ur books 😻
I wished I was Brazilian. Most Brazilian are smoking hoooott