It Must Be a Dream (Reader x Miniladd)

It Must Be a Dream (Reader x Miniladd)

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Skelletoonz By MiniLxdd Updated Feb 20, 2017

A shy but loving girl name y/n, loves YouTube with all of her heart, but when someone important to her sees a video that she posted, it changes both of their lives... forever. 

-------Reader X MiniLadd------------

(No sexuality, yet, I think, it'll say if there is any. Strong language)

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VeveComa VeveComa Aug 22, 2017
tobahC avoN
                              unique yet simple..... if u can read that backwords hi and ur my new bff
BucketOfInsanity BucketOfInsanity Sep 30, 2017
Idk why but him and Tyler tend to use pictures of each other making weird faces as pfps
moltresfangirl moltresfangirl Jul 23, 2017
sometimes I think I'm the one with mcdonald wifi XD (It doesn't help that I can walk there XD)
IAmTrueBanana IAmTrueBanana Apr 10, 2017
This Isn't My Normal Username, But My Normal User Name is KillerGalaxyKat And That Sounds Like A Ship Name Between Me And Mini! :3
BucketOfInsanity BucketOfInsanity Sep 30, 2017
It is actually Daithi but David is the American version of his name
HidingFox HidingFox Oct 04, 2016
Okay I'm gonna say it now so I don't forget.... THATS THE BEST FREAKING BOOK COVER I HAVE EVER SEEN XD