It Must Be a Dream (Reader x Miniladd)

It Must Be a Dream (Reader x Miniladd)

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Skelletoonz By MiniLxdd Updated Feb 20

A shy but loving girl name y/n, loves YouTube with all of her heart, but when someone important to her sees a video that she posted, it changes both of their lives... forever. 

-------Reader X MiniLadd------------

(No sexuality, yet, I think, it'll say if there is any. Strong language)

VeveComa VeveComa a day ago
tobahC avoN
                              unique yet simple..... if u can read that backwords hi and ur my new bff
sometimes I think I'm the one with mcdonald wifi XD (It doesn't help that I can walk there XD)
This Isn't My Normal Username, But My Normal User Name is KillerGalaxyKat And That Sounds Like A Ship Name Between Me And Mini! :3
HidingFox HidingFox Oct 04, 2016
Okay I'm gonna say it now so I don't forget.... THATS THE BEST FREAKING BOOK COVER I HAVE EVER SEEN XD
The_Nights_Without The_Nights_Without Oct 18, 2016
Were does Hoodini go out to eat after a magic show?
Mykie_28 Mykie_28 Oct 26, 2016
"Hey Delirious guess what?!"
                              "Fack you Evan." -grumpy cat face-