Lockwood Academy Rivals

Lockwood Academy Rivals

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[BoyxBoy Romance]                                                                         

Freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Those are the years that Evan and Christian have known each other. Those are the years that they have hated each other. 

Or maybe not.  

~ ~ ~ 

Evan Reed expects his senior year to be like all of his other years at Lockwood Academy. He expects that the teachers will be mean and the subjects will be hard. He figures that Christian Lockwood will be as arrogant as ever and the rivalry between them will go on. And maybe it will. 

But maybe things change.

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theotakuloser theotakuloser 5 days ago
i wonder how many people in this comment section dont realize how heterophobic theyre being.
Man the chance of anyone in my school that are friends having the San classes is so low cuz they literally have a computer put you in a class randomly.
staycool08 staycool08 a day ago
Its called heterochromia but we can always call it homochromia
checkmategay checkmategay 4 days ago
okay my pan asś is attracted. she seems pretty and i’m major jealous of gingers. she prolly has a nice personality too, i’m really hoping she isn’t a bic
theotakuloser theotakuloser 5 days ago
that should of been the first sign to himself that maube he doesnt like her anymore
Broliet Broliet Dec 07
It sounds like he likes her more as a  friend than anything else