•My Broken BadBoy•

•My Broken BadBoy•

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•Luka Romierez, as many described, was the devil in human form, living in the city of angels.•

                            •His growing need for a normal life is what sends his world spiralling out of control.•

                                                            •His knack for manipulation and persuasiveness.•

                          •A lean muscled male, exuding sex at every angle, he burned everything he touched.•

                                                     •Meeting his match was nothing he had been prepared for.•

                                                                         •Autumn Makenna is a shy girl, a nice girl. •

                                                 •One that also happens to speak out of her ass at the worst times, •
               •she lives in the moment and lives by the saying it's better to act first and ask for forgiveness later.•

    •She was both intrigued and terrified when she first set her eyes on Luka Romierez, her rebellious, bullying     neighbour, who happened to make her blush like a cherry red lobster whenever he caught her fearful gaze. She didn't intend to infatuate herself with him, she had her own problems that had to be dealt with. •
                                        •They weren't supposed to end up together, a good girl and the bad boy...•

                                                                               •But as always, opposites do attract.•

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