eighteen ; noah riley ; sequel to something ; ON HOLD

eighteen ; noah riley ; sequel to something ; ON HOLD

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♛ // By idfwubruh Updated Apr 13

he cheated on me, he didn't know how much I loved him, or how much I wanted to be with him. 

it's been five months without him, and I honestly miss him so much. He's probably out with other women though.

i wish he was still here with me.

AngelThoV AngelThoV Mar 12
Love it and I know u just started so I'll wait a little bit before I say update but love it ❤🔥💯
cutepop46 cutepop46 Sep 09
She look like she should be a little darker Thant the make up she got on😂😂😂
See she look better than that fake weave having ass hoe why would Noah leave her 😭
alexis_bih alexis_bih Apr 14
No offense to whoever this is on that picture but those eyebrows doe other than that she cute and she has beautiful eyes no homo
Uhh ok but we're this beautiful being you speak of❓🤔🤔(I'm playin but I'm not)
Noah got hella kids. Child support should be killing his ass