The Mistake

The Mistake

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^?^ By DerpyLadyblog Completed

Chloe Bourgeois, the most coveted/ hated girl in Paris is going shopping when she sees something out of the ordinary. Ladybug detransforming...


Cover edit made by me (you can tell lol)

sacha_lizzy sacha_lizzy Nov 13
... did you just end it there? 
                              *cue Adele's sky fall*
                              This is the end,
                              Hold your breath and count to ten,
                              Feel the earth move and then,
                              Hear my heart burst again,
                              For this is the end,
                              I've drowned and dreamed this moment,~
sacha_lizzy sacha_lizzy Nov 13
... do you know how much time it took for me to scrol down..? Thats just mean.. XP
sacha_lizzy sacha_lizzy Nov 13
HAHA THATS ME! Hey Mrs *tries to think of her teachers name* English teacher!
CDC2003 CDC2003 Oct 01
Why Cholé? WHY???!!!! She..*sniff,sniff* WAS YOUR BIGGEST FAN wahahahAH !!!
I would be nino i mean 
                              Id be like yeah that makes sense and shrug it off
                              Or id just be me and face palm whilst yelling
                              How did i not see that
@hiccstridspace Please tell me why it was like that for a girl the same name and shorter than life itself and she was a complete butt to everyone??