illusions // stiles stilinski [1]

illusions // stiles stilinski [1]

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{#1 in Void Stiles} [FIRST BOOK] 
"He stands up and walks towards me, every step he takes I take one back until I hit a wall. 

"Kat.." It whispers over and over in Stiles' voice. I turn away and sob closing my eyes tightly.  

"Look at me." He says.
I ignore and stay still. "LOOK AT ME!" He screams and I obey, opening my eyes quickly and turning to see Stiles, but as you may have guessed, he was Void. 

"Hello, Kat." He says staring intensely into my eyes. 
"Would you like to know why Stiles actually kissed you?" He asks smirking. "He kissed you because he knew that he was going to die soon. And he would've regretted not going to kiss you before he died." He taunts. 

"You're lying." I say glaring at him. 
"Am I? Stiles is going to die soon, Kat." "

« takes place in Season 3B of Teen wolf, and it starts around when Stiles starts acting void »!!!! this has a few grammar mistakes and is not edited !!!!

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I feel like I have read this before....have you ever done one shots or imagines??😘💗
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