I Will Always Love You (H20Vanoss Fanfiction)

I Will Always Love You (H20Vanoss Fanfiction)

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Delirious - An innocent 14 year old boy who suffers from depression and self hate due to abuse from his father because of his sexuality.

Vanoss - A 14 year old boy who lives a perfect life. Great parents, friends and is popular. But every perfection has a flaw. And that flaw is loneliness.

Will Vanoss and Delirious ever cross paths?


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Dianapo098 Dianapo098 Jul 05, 2017
bruh the description said vanoss is popular and then his flaw was his loneliness. THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!! If he is popular he shouldn't be lonely lol
- - Jun 20, 2017
NagFAShPgSiuduiwgd8 uegfouiq gwdo iyar76t eoihf ioufweh....I Fuckinh hate people like that...FuCkIn' BRAD
p2supercat p2supercat Jul 10, 2017
Aww I just want to hug him and tell him it's going to be ok...
- - Jun 20, 2017
*Hugs del* 
                              I went through the same thing at school, until I found some of my friends, And I will be your friend! *Give him a teddy bear*
Iwannadaddy Iwannadaddy Jul 07, 2017
Baby I understand both my parents are dead and i cut myself everyday
ilyalexus ilyalexus May 06, 2017
IT HURTS. :c stop pls befo i find ur family and kil tem al  MUHAHA