AN ORPHANS LOVE (Under Editing)

AN ORPHANS LOVE (Under Editing)

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I froze at the scene before me. It was two men, one with brown-hair and one with blond. They were kissing. I had never seen a kiss that passionate and aggressive in real life.  The brown-haired man had the blond pinned up against the wall like a captured prey. I watched, paralyzed, while he ripped open his lover's shirt, buttons flying and slammed his mouth onto his neck frantically making his way down his chest. 

I felt a strange tinge in my chest as I looked at the brown-haired man; a quick thought entered my conscious. I wanted to be the one he was touching. Me...

 Wait..........what? I shook my head in confusion as if trying to rid my brain of the thought. I heard a loud "snap" as I took a step backwards. If left the twig break beneath my foot. The sound was enough to make the lovers stop and quickly turn my direction. 

"Run....Kate....Run..." I screamed to myself but my body would not move. I could see the brown-haired man move towards me enough to make out his face. Oh was Alexander, the Chandler's only son. I could see his face change from one of surprise to one of anger. His eyes became dark and almost seemed to dare me to run. I should be scared, but I wasn't. Instead I felt myself wanting to accept his dare...

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