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the bachelor; beckham jr

the bachelor; beckham jr

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"There I was, staring him in the eyes along with a group of fourteen other girls. But our faith wasn't in our hands, it was in his."
    What can happen when a simple young woman is thrown into a big mansion with a group of other females to compete for love? When they find out the man they're competing for is more than a simple unkown man, but a famous athlete, things can get complicated.
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Welp, might not get Odell but sure as hell will get a good plate of food 😭😭😭
Iloveyoububblegum Iloveyoububblegum Aug 19, 2016
Am I the only person who is thinking about the new season of UNREAL when reading this?
yakawi yakawi Oct 17, 2016
Most of those girls are probably there for the wrong reasons. Remember that girl with big boobs from Flava of Love? 😂
Kaylaaa-_ Kaylaaa-_ Nov 24, 2016
Why the hell was I anticipating who it was when I already knew??
Agent_DUCK Agent_DUCK Oct 22, 2016
Yass gurl he gotta that extra bread. He spendin more money on shoes😛🙌🏽😂 big feet big toe nails.
KChainzz KChainzz Nov 30, 2016
So on the real show The Bachelor they don't know who they're competing for until they get there?