Fake smile PJO AU

Fake smile PJO AU

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demigodsunite555 By demigodsunite555 Updated Dec 22, 2016

"Hey Annabeth," he smiled at her. He knew her name? He knew her name? Percy Jackson actually knew Annabeth Chase's name.

'Probably just trying to flirt with me,' Annabeth gave him a small fake smile, "Hi Percy."

"I can tell a fake smile when I see one," Percy turned his head to face the front of the room, suddenly looking a little sadder than he just did. Annabeth scoffed, 'How could Percy possibly tell what a fake smile is? 

Annabeth stood there shocked, looking at the broken boy who was now in front of her.

Percy quickly wiped the tears from his eyes and (fake) smirked, "Finally falling for me, Annabeth Chase?"

Annabeth ignored his comment, "Oh cut the act Percy, you were crying."

"Really Wise Girl, you think I was crying? The great Percy Jackson does not cry. Your eyes don't seem to be as good as your brain."

"Percy, I assure you I know what I saw. Now stop your prideful and egotistical act and just tell me if you're okay!" Annabeth was pissed. How can one person be so insufferable that they refused to admit something just for the sake of their ego?

"Look, I'm talking to myself now because I know no one will listen." 


Percy Jackson was bugging her. And for the first time it wasn't because he was acting like he owned the school, but because she started to notice things she never noticed before about him. Like how fake all of his smiles, laughs and smirks were.

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