My Beast

My Beast

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Sakaye By SforSakaye Updated Mar 23

He is alpha
He is king 
He is possessive 
He is dangerous 
He is intimidating 
He is a beast
My beast.

"That's enough! Let me go!" I squirmed in his strong grasp.

He surprised me by laughing but this wasn't a happy laugh. It was maniacal. 

"My little mate, when will you understand that you cannot leave me."

His eyes glinted dangerously "You are mine."

Cover by @noehen.

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SyafiqahAidi SyafiqahAidi Apr 09, 2017
I feel you😭 I almost tripped almost everyday and I think that my legs don't really like me.... Maybe cuz I'm heavy
mabst01 mabst01 Apr 30, 2017
They ask you to shut the window covers when it's hot outside (like in Australia) to keep the cabin cool while the plane is on the ground
Coolkitty14 Coolkitty14 Mar 12, 2017
They usually ask to keep the window closed (pull the cover down) to keep the plane cool.
maddy9110 maddy9110 Sep 28, 2016
Shut the window when landing? Don't they tell you to open the windows?
roses8489 roses8489 Feb 23, 2017
Out of all the flights and planes I've been on in my life they have never asked to close the windows
holdupbuttercup holdupbuttercup Feb 03, 2017
I just came back from an international flight and they wanted the windows open