Submissive Truths

Submissive Truths

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. By BreeDavis Updated Dec 07, 2016

18 year old Nova has always been on her own without anybody to love her. Starting off her life as an orphaned child the only thing to do with her pain is  to write it out. Her writing skills and imagination accidentally  created the best selling lesbian book on the market .Unexpectedly successful and guarded she's lost as to what to do with her life next.

17 year old  Quinn always had anything a child could ask for until she turned 10. Her father died in a car crash and her mother's endless string of abusive boyfriends is taking its toll on her. Finacially comfortable she ignores the pain and focuses on the materialistic side of her life ultimately blocking out any chance of loving someone again.

Trying to acquire some control in their lives Nova and Quinn may have to go through hell and back to realize that sometimes submission equals happiness.

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Cee_EpiZenith Cee_EpiZenith Mar 26, 2016
Love it! Love how much we're learning about each character as the story progresses!
Cee_EpiZenith Cee_EpiZenith Mar 13, 2016
Amazing! Absolutely ADORED the first chapter and am beyond thirsty for more. This was so descriptive, so captivating, so intriguing. The character development is PHENOMENAL!! Definately can't wait until the next update!! Can't wait to get deeper into this story! 👏👏👏👏
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