No Choice (A Kaito x Len Fanfic)

No Choice (A Kaito x Len Fanfic)

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Gabby By GamerArtistCVHM2117 Updated Oct 08


The shouta boy collapsed on the ground and backed against the wall.

"Oh there you are, Lenny-darling!"

"What's happened to you....Rin, and Teto, ans could you do this?!" 

The figure tilted his head.

"What's wrong, darling...? Don't you love me?" 

"N-No! I can't love you this way!!" 

Len fought back his tears.

"Oh...that's too bad..." 

He slowly held up a knife.

"Because you have...No Choice..."

" NO!!! KAITO!!!" 


What happens when Kaito gets a burning passion for Len, that could mean death for the other Vocaloids?

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That escalated quickly.
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