Iηαzυмα Σℓєνєη GO! | Nᴇᴏ Fᴏʀᴛᴜɴᴇ

Iηαzυмα Σℓєνєη GO! | Nᴇᴏ Fᴏʀᴛᴜɴᴇ

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ιsηα | " エイミ " By ishadas Updated 5 days ago

It's the awakening of a new soccer era, marked not by the first blush of aurora but the lingering shadows from a thousand ancient nights engraved into two teenagers' memories. 

Aimee, the near nonexistent sub of the unrivaled Shinsei Inazuma Japan, steps out of the team's HQs only to never return. Little did she fancy the deep scars that would mark the heart and soul of a certain boy, close to her own messed heart, when she'd leave him once again tied to a knot of recurring nightmares. 

An uncharacteristically unstable Victor Blade creates an unprecedented scene on the openings of the W I S T League, revolting his own conscience more than that of his chosen victim. 

And all the while, in an armor of valor and perseverance, the newly appointed Captain of an opponent team prepares for the battle against her homeland.

An ordinary soccer tournament isn't what their fortune has in store. A corrupted system with its roots tangled in the brain cells of those in power throws the dreams of eleven young people on a thin tightrope over a chasm of humility and despair. Shrewd politics and mind games, pride and propaganda lace through the National Soccer Team of the United States on the very onset of the W I S T  League. It's a battle for the World Champions' title - the first and the last opportunity to save soccer's future in the New World. 

The world is turning; the horizon is brighter now and the shadows still lingers. As both units step into the battlefield, a voice pleads them to either forgive or forget. 

It's time that the past must be kissed goodbye for the new future to come.

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xXxIbuki11xXx xXxIbuki11xXx 6 days ago
I was having trouble reading as I always forget the dubbed names.... I only know the japanese names...
Rock1421 Rock1421 Apr 19
Me: Yup. That's Terry for ya. *whispers in a low voice* Alex's boyfriend for ya. ;)
                              Alex: I HEARD THAT!!!
ArimaMary ArimaMary Mar 30
Say, from which chapter do you recommend reading? Like somewhere where my comments about your old writing don't make you cringe XD.