Fat Girls

Fat Girls

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when there's too much
extra skin to hide away
from all the others

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I wish I was skinny too. Man, why weight loss is so much harder than gaining the weight?! (Rethorical question)
yesscor123 yesscor123 Nov 26, 2016
Oh really. In my school, if you ain't got that big booty or those nice big thighs and hips, you will be on no guys radar. Which I don't mind but still, why should your body define you.
Jilliy Jilliy Dec 22, 2016
Thick girls stay winning 😂 idk what's so big about being a cinnamon stick😐😂
bright-highways bright-highways Apr 28, 2016
you should totally read Eleanor and park! it is my favorite book
goncalves_4 goncalves_4 Jun 06, 2016
Eleanor and Park is the perfection in a book you should totally read it
Team_Betches Team_Betches Dec 05, 2016
Everyone else is commenting about how wrong this is but honest to god it's amazing and true and I can relate to the point of view of: her