Wolf-Napped By My Mates (EDITING)- On Hold

Wolf-Napped By My Mates (EDITING)- On Hold

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Panda Thao By _xXDibbsXx_ Updated Jul 19, 2015

Well guess what? 

I was freaking handcuffed to his bed and automaticlly regret saying that i prefered being handcuffed cause right at this moment i prefered being carried as a bag of potatoes.

"Unhandcuff you, you big yummy, stupid, idiot, mofo of a foo.' i said.

Shit did i just call him yummy? Damn i really need to stop myself from saying such things.

His lips curved into a dimple yummy smirk. "Yummy?"

"Huh did you say something?" i avoided the question acting like nothing happened. "Ohh so that evil glint in your eyes were to cuff my to your bed."'

He nodded, crawling above me. "I really starting to love being in positions with you."

"The feelings mutual. So I ought to love it more if ya uncuff me, Rick." Liking how his name rolled off my tongue. 

"Oh but Darling didnt you say you wanted to be handcuffed?" he asked licking my neck making a moan almost escape from my mouth.

Almost, i said almost. Come on Spade control yourself!

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xXPhycoCreepyPastaXx xXPhycoCreepyPastaXx Jun 30, 2017
My little brother always has his thumb in his mouth, it's adorable
The_Girly_Gaming_Gal The_Girly_Gaming_Gal Aug 28, 2017
Well I'm bond, James Bond. A normal skilled human on a floating rock named earth.
joinus123 joinus123 Nov 17, 2013
I don't know if this is a thing I was so-post to know about buuuuut what the hell is a ‘mofo’
                              Anyway awesome book.
gordjac248 gordjac248 Oct 05, 2013
This is going to be good and Sage has a sence of humor and I just read the first chapter
Lovelyserena16 Lovelyserena16 Sep 09, 2013
The cover of ur book looks the beginning of 4minute's volume up song! Hyuna!
sammie_rose_ sammie_rose_ Aug 02, 2013
Only read the first chapter but I can tell its going to be a good story!!! :)