Dark Days

Dark Days

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No.One.Knows.Me By Aoi_Rizumu-Ongaku Updated Dec 06, 2016

When you regret something, it's already too late....

Nagisa confessed his love to Karma but sadly, Karma rejected him reasoning that he's still into Okuda. But after Nagisa moved on with his love for Karma, that's where Karma started to fell for the bluehead. But, what will happen if Karma will know a secret of Nagisa that he's been hiding for almost all his life? Will it be the reason for him to.........

Pretty complicated, isn't it????

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copicnxko copicnxko Feb 04
lmao same but i havent written a story yet (only bc im planning stuff out and revising things so it doesnt sound weird lmao) but my writing is complete crap either way
KazzandKarl KazzandKarl May 28, 2016
I'm writing something it's a 5 chapter story with a prologue. Not so bad for an 11 years old writer.
Dawnyzza Dawnyzza 2 days ago
Wow you're only 12? If you want help with the grammar and choice of words I can help. I'm 16 and I have a good grade in English. (English is not my first laungage though, small mistakes happen)
                              Only if you're interested...
-annaxy -annaxy Jan 18
Wow - Nagisa's mom just ignored that Nagisa said away from bullying. Nice job XD