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Wendy By Ephemerrealityy Completed

It all starts out with a TWITCH.
It all started with TWENTY people.

Then people start to die.
Then the desperation takes over.

It all started BECAUSE of a virus.
It's all going to END because of a virus.

britanycalderon britanycalderon Apr 20, 2014
after seven days no one is Concerned enough to check on her?
iamnineveha iamnineveha Feb 07, 2014
I've only read this chapter without reading the summary and it is so interesting!!!
rockmysocks rockmysocks Mar 06, 2011
                              Anyway.... *eye twitch*
                              I hope I live!! :O
                              In a day... Well, I can cheat that >:)
                              *clicks onto next chapter*
                              (DON'T DIE WENDAY :O)
PsychoticSock PsychoticSock Nov 24, 2010
This is amazing!!! xD 
                              The detail of the twitch, the mysterious guy, and everything else is just awesome!
                              I have to get more of this!! 
                              You better write like crazy!!!!
- - Nov 22, 2010
                              I already like the virus-releasing-psychopathic-guy. He's cool. xD If not more than slightly deranged.
                              What a scary thing, though. Imagine knowing you're going to die because of a twitch! 
                              -Goes to next part-
Ephemerrealityy Ephemerrealityy Nov 21, 2010
@kittyrascalmeow xD
                              lol. yesh, good to see your liking it so far. :)
                              but well... who said the scientist was really CREATED? xDDD
                              MUAHHHAA... **cough**