Taken by him {exo's D.O fanfiction}

Taken by him {exo's D.O fanfiction}

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My mum died and my dad stopped caring for me and I felt unloved. I told myself I would just leave to go to college as soon as possible or something. But all that changed when I was taken.


I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read.

Just wanna say that this book is a little mature. There won't be smut but there will be heated scenes so if you're not comfortable with that kind of thing don't read this but DON'T LEAVE JUST YET. There won't only be that. There's mostly gonna be (at least I hope this is what I'm trying to do anyway) funny and cute parts. 
Also, I'll write warnings both at the beginning of the chapter and right before the McNasty begins so don't worry this isn't an incredibly dirty book where the characters do nothing but get it on. 

HOWEVER, once I have completely edited this book, there will be a smut scene added in. For now I've only edited the first few chapters. I write up at the top of the chapter if it's edited or not so you can tell what I've edited so far. The smut scene is only at the very end of the book. 

But for now, until I've completely edited it, this book is BAD!! I'm serious!! There are a lot of problems with the plot that I need to correct. I literally need to add and take out chapters. But if you want to read you still can just know that it's no where near perfect. 

All my authors notes (except the ones I thought were necessary to leave) have been deleted.

Cover by @radiant3

Never experienced that. I was always told I was beautiful, and I still do.
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Lol same, my favorite place in the wold is my bed.. Plus south Korea XD ❤