Uke! x Seme!Male!reader (ON HIATUS?)

Uke! x Seme!Male!reader (ON HIATUS?)

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Go fast or Pass By nuggethell Updated Mar 03

Do you wanna dominate your dream uke?
Well, shit, you took a wrong turn, This is as close as you get  ôヮô
Leave Requests of characters from anywhere!~ I really can't judge, heh

(Important: If I don't know the character I probably won't be able to do it (sorry), also this is going to update extremely slowly because I'm not a good(with very good motivation) writer~) 
Disclaimer; I don't own cover, I'm sorry if I used any of your art (Do comment and I'll add owner's name as soon as possible)| Don't be afraid of commenting, It makes my day!
Have a good day! (〃^∇^)ノ


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LittleDemon1034 LittleDemon1034 Apr 12, 2017
Yuu Otosaka X Male Reader/Izaya Orihara X Male Reader/Natsu Dragneel X Male Reader/Zeref Dragneel X Male Reader/Rin Okumua X Male Reader
corinaxkenshin corinaxkenshin Apr 17, 2016
Can you do a uke undertaker x cocky retired reaper seme male reader please. Sorry if it's too much.
dawnxash dawnxash Jul 24, 2016
Uke Jealous Leo x seme male reader lemon please!
                              (P.s Leo is loke from fairy tail)
Cinnabscotch Cinnabscotch Oct 29, 2016
Uke!Karma Akabane x Kuudere!seme!male!reader If you can, thank you
zexizeec zexizeec Apr 02, 2016
I totally understand you on the update gets annoying when people do that..
JessIsAMess75 JessIsAMess75 Jul 26, 2016
Uke Ciel x Seme male reader! o///o I-if you c-can  A-author s-s-sama!!!