The Daughter In Law ( A Dean Ambrose Fanfiction/Romance)

The Daughter In Law ( A Dean Ambrose Fanfiction/Romance)

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Let's be honest for one very brief moment.

 Arrange marriages are never easy. Especially when the person you're suppose to marry, is one of WWE's biggest superstars.

He is loved by many (especially the girls)
He is envied by, well basically every guy in sports entertainment and he's that one superstar that despite all odds everyone is dying to see.

However, when placed in front of marriage Dean Ambrose isn't the best person to be around and of course 22 year old Emmeline Graham knows that better than anyone else.

Since her marriage to Dean Ambrose was arranged, Emmeline Graham
 Join the two has they face many ups and downs on their journey to many things. But most importantly,  love

supplexu supplexu Aug 30
nice intro cant wait to read more and see what happens with them all
supplexu supplexu Aug 30
hey it could be worse then a bouncy house at 22 sister had a 16th birthday party at a chuck e cheeses  imagine a kids place overran by teenagers and adults