Falling Slowly (An AlDub Fanfiction)

Falling Slowly (An AlDub Fanfiction)

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melovewrites By melovewrites Updated Nov 05, 2016

Maine and Alden met at college and were block mates. They were Fine Arts students but Alden had to leave college to pursue modeling and eventually acting. He became a famous celebrity but continued to be friends with his block mates. He considered Maine as one of his friends but Maine was shy and an introvert. She prefers drawing and painting than socializing  but she wasn't immune to Alden's charms and developed a crush on him. Discover the journey of their love story in this fanfiction entitled, "Falling Slowly" inspired by the theme song of the movie "Once".

Author's Note: Hello Everyone! I am a huge AlDub fan. I used to be updated with Kalyeserye when I lived in New York but I had to go home to the Philippines and since then I missed a lot of episodes. I wrote a Fifty Shades Fanfiction on a different site and I always wanted to write an AlDub fanfiction but only had the drive after "The Maine Event." I would like to say that the Maine and Alden in this story are out of their Kalyerserye characters. I used their names, their appearances, some of their personalities and a little of their backgrounds but the rest are my imagination. The POV will be Maine's. I hope you'll join me in this journey and enjoy!

PS: I am a Filipina but I will write in English with a little bit of Tagalog along the way. Please forgive me for any grammatical or typographical error in advance. Even if I proofread what I write, I tend to miss something. No copyright infringement intended either, this is my work that I researched while some are based on experience and observation.

About The Cover Photo: Credits go to owners. I just made a fan-art based on photos I found through Google Images so if you are the rightful owner, please let me know so I can credit your properly. Thank you!

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