⬖Walking Among Vampires⬗✔

⬖Walking Among Vampires⬗✔

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K. A. Young By SerenityR0se Completed


[•Naive: Showing a lack of experience, wisdom, judgement; a person natural and unaffected...innocent.•]
"Wh-why haven't you taken my life?" Knowing the answer could be scarier than a fate worse than death.
 Korbyn slowly walked around the tree, not making any sudden movements to scare me. He leaned his forearm against the tree trunk, tilting his head to the side curiously as he stated, "I've never seen a human being before. You enchant me little butterfly."
"Bu-butterfly?" My eyes gazed up into his entrancing and inhumanly beautiful sapphire orbs.
Korbyn chuckled softly at my confusion and replied, "You are as free as the sun, though bound to this world. Tell me butterfly, what is your name?"


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There is sexual content in a few of the chapters, but there are warnings posted.

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Cover by: @optimistic_tears

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The fact that everyone did the math to figure out how old they would be but their all dead by that time anyway
SicillyMay SicillyMay Jan 31
                              I'm sorry, I just saw it somewh3re and I had to share it lmao😂😂
Girlll you’re gonna die because of some broccolis 😂 cant relate 🤷🏽‍♀️
Maporane Maporane May 13
Die over vegetables 😂😂😂girl must be suicidal  🤣🤣🤣
and why did it take me so long to figure out how old she was 😭😂 I was trying to do some next math calculations and work out how long it takes for the sun to go around the earth but bitch she is literally just 18 I cba 😩😩😂
Wowchilee Wowchilee Apr 26, 2016
Holy mother of F! I just was browsing through your books and read this one and was like... NOVA!!!! WE HAVR THE SAME TASTE IN NAMES! AHHH!  I was gonna name my daughter this but her dad was like "raaatchet" and I'm like, stfu!