A Little Bonely (Sans X Reader)

A Little Bonely (Sans X Reader)

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UltimateUndertrash By UltimateUndertrash Updated Nov 23

Monsters always fasinated you. Ever since Frisk broke the barrier and freed the monsters, humanity didnt take it too well but they are slowly getting used to it. Slowly. Very...slowly.

HEY ALL! This is my first fanfiction EVER! so dont judge. 

Updated daily...or at least close to that.

So yes...ENJOY

I see the reference here. I also want to comment on your writing skills, try using less pronouns when mentioning someone. It becomes repetative, try removing those pronouns and add commas instead.
walrusrawr walrusrawr Sep 25
The shopkeeper just called Sans a kid XD
                              Frisk : THE TABLES HAVE TURNED SANS
Lamaria_12 Lamaria_12 Sep 21
OMG THIS IS SO ME! If monsters actually came to the surface, I would totally fangirl the hell out
Prolongamer Prolongamer 5 days ago
OMG I actually got wattpad cuz I hate humanity! Humans are so untrustworthey , rude and just plain ass hats!!
If Mount Ebott was real I would totally go jump down it just too live Underground with the Monsters. If they were real as well.. <3
Humanity was always hesitant in accepting different things. And this is why Alice Hates Humanity @Alice_Hates_Humanity