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Sans x Reader

Sans x Reader

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satan's bitch By xstephhox Completed


You ran away from home out of frustration, only to fall into a hole in Mt. Ebott. Luckily, you were still alive. How is that even possible? Either way, you're glad that you were still alive and well. You decided that it would be your goal to go home -- to go back to the surface. Along the way of your journey, you met good people, and a couple of bad people. But, you also met someone who you'd never thought you would end up being romantically involved with. And that "someone" had a name. 

And his name was Sans.

Sans the skeleton.


I THOUHT I STOMPED ON THIS JERK!!! Oh wait that was another timeline...
dipperdipdip4 dipperdipdip4 Nov 28, 2016
My first time seen flowey:......cheyanne why is this thing that does a weird way of reproduction giving me drugs?
TemmieDeAmor TemmieDeAmor Jul 25, 2016
When I first read the Flowey introduction as an Undertale newbie, I was weirded out because "You want some LOVE don't you?"
                              My mind: This flower can flirt?? What is this? I didn't sign up for this.
Starfirechan Starfirechan Jul 16, 2016
this is good especially with  his theme music the on with the  guitar 
                              This was cute nuu KAWAIIII
Suiren-Chan_04 Suiren-Chan_04 Jul 15, 2016
I like this story so far... you either remembered the dialog, or did a lot of research while writing this. XD
Manzana34 Manzana34 Nov 04, 2016
Two things wrong with that 1 don't trust a talking flower or talking anything that's not human 
                              2 don't touch meh with you little leaves