A Siren's Love

A Siren's Love

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"What are you?" I whispered, my eyes still riveted on her form from where she stood a few feet away from me. Water dripped and rolled off of her skin and the plop, plop of each drop seemed ridiculously loud even over the roar of the sea.

Her long lustrous white hair nearly reached her knees and waved slightly in the breeze. Her cerulean blue eyes had darkened to match the sea and a faint glow radiated from them. 

My eyes fought to stay connected to hers, it was so tempting to look down at her pearly skin that was so fully on display. The silver crown on her head dipped slightly as she lowered her head. 

"I am yours." Her siren's voice spoke, wrapping me in lyrics that I didn't know the language of but it didn't matter because my body knew the song.

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I thought she said, "Honey, we're going to make out for a bit, there's food in the kitchen for dinner." XD
I'm jealous rn... I wish I didn't have freckles. It looks good on everyone else, but me? Nooooo.
HerAlias HerAlias Sep 18
I forgot I switched books so I was very confused as to why a black haired blue eyes character suddenly had red hair and green eyes
what do left footed people wear at the beach? flop-flops ((((;
that's so like the shriek 2 scene of them going to the castle😹😹😹
Wallettyy Wallettyy Aug 16
I use pandora to find new music and spotify as like a library of songs idk