hybrid school

hybrid school

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❝And before i left, four words escape his lips,, "i love you craig"❞

Craig, seems like a regular teenage boy. Nothing special right?
Wrong- Craig is one of the most strongest Hybrids ever.
The downside? No one knows. Now that is family dead, he has to take care of himself, and experience things he has never done in his whole life. Who does this rare boy meet, who learns to adjust in his weird ways?
Well- Tyler Wild of course.

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NoMansWifi NoMansWifi Jul 17
How hard would it be to tell that they're not intruders?  They're all hybrid students aren't they?
So it'd tell his sexuality but not his age or date of birth...LOGIC! 😂😂😂😂
I have have a friend that is 5'8 and she is only in 6th grade. And...
                              Ha Gayyyyyyyyy!
                              JK! I would be dissing myself because I'm Gay as well!
lillioonz lillioonz May 30
He should be able to fit in any pipe and then go up one in a different place
Oh shet I'm the same hight of my boi in this book. (Yes I know he's six foot irl)
_Ahkira_ _Ahkira_ Sep 13
He seems a little too over powered. Like i know he's supposed to be the most powerful but it seems really unfair...anyway on with the fanfic!!