From The Ashes (Ruby X Male Reader) (RWBY)

From The Ashes (Ruby X Male Reader) (RWBY)

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The_Wildcard By The_Wildcard Updated Jun 04

You have been wandering around Remnant with a dusty old Qrow for four years training your mind and body to achieve your goal.  That goal has kept you going even though you were put through hell.  Even though she took everything away from you.  After eight years you final get to achieve your goal when you find the person you are looking for.  Cinder Fall, she is attending a place called Beacon academy in disguised as a student.  You don't know what she is doing but you're bringing eight years of pain with you as you attend Beacon as well.    

"It's not about overpowering an enemy.  It's about taking away what power they have." -Cinder Fall.

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AlexSolache AlexSolache Aug 09
I am like Luke Skywalker with Obi Wan Kenobi as a force ghost teaching me telling me to let go
Like from the devil is a part timer? You better not back stab me
You don't control me, dead lady. Only me, my emotions and the author can do that.
I just realized that if Summer is in us *insert lenny* and this is a Ruby X Reader...
                              I'll just stop there
Kitty1831 Kitty1831 Aug 13
Why is it whenever he loses someone he cares about another person comes and then he cares about them later on?
Trial_A Trial_A Sep 04
                              BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD,MILK FOR THE KHORN FLAKES!