The Pairing System. Chat Noir x Reader

The Pairing System. Chat Noir x Reader

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Gabriel Agreste, upon request of his son, agreed to fund a one year trip to America - the country you currently reside in - for Adrien and his class. Unfortunately, he declined to pay for a hotel year-round. Unable to find enough money for that, not even from the mayor, a renowned highschool in America agreed to organize a pairing system. 

Clarksburg's Private School of Fine Arts, for the intellectually and artistically gifted. Only the top fourteen students would be eligible to take in one of the French students as a roommate. If they refused, a little...bribe was offered. Gabriel demanded the most qualified student to house Adrien, and that student just so happens to be you. 

But what happens when Hawk Moth's relentless desire for the main protagonists' miraculouses leads him to follow them to America? 

-And what happens when he discovers someone more...fascinating?

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CandySaber CandySaber Apr 10
When you are a french speeker and you're triggered by the comments...
                              Mon fils veut dire que Monsieur Agreste est le père de Adrien, donc en résumé, mon fils ne veut pas dire brother ou daughter!!!!
I read father as friend ;-; wait... 
                              Friend, please remove your hands from over your eyes for meeee~
                              Ok I will leave now .-.
Lizzielee_S Lizzielee_S Jan 04
He sounds like an emotional white teenage girl
                              Sorry for the stereotypes, it’s just a lot of the above described I know act like that
Phillip when you smile you outshine the morning sun
                              Mon fils
AJ_023 AJ_023 Dec 17, 2017
Miharu_Ryo Miharu_Ryo May 21, 2017
Ok now here i was thinking for a change i would read miraculous ladybug fanfic and not levi x reader fics but here again??? Ok Levi i didn't know you love me this much(^ω^)