The White WolfThe Great Wolf War

The White WolfThe Great Wolf War

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Mattie_P By Song_lover_16 Updated Aug 14

After Maxon Roberts, Will Badman's uncle, kidnaps Matt Drew Will is looking for Matt. But is he looking in all the right places? Matt loses all hope when it has been months since the kidnapping, what Matt nor Will know is that Maxon has hidden Matt on an island that isn't on any map and is protected by dark magic.

Will Will find Matt? Will Maxon get his wishes of becoming the greatest wolf? 

Follow Will, Matt, and Maxon through this journey.

Ok so I have to say sorry for writing that comment on the first book 😿😿 I really thought u did leave it at that
Germany, Italy, and Japan should have all been on the same side. :3
                              Who understands the reference?