Last Summer's Black Heart~

Last Summer's Black Heart~

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Meaghan By LadyDestinysTragedy Completed

What If,
A playboy cared?

What If,
That playboy fell in love?

What If,
The one he loved had cancer?

What If,
She could die on him?

What If,
He gave everything to save her, but it wasn’t enough?

What If,
He changed?

What If,
She changed him?

What If,
She died...

John Quinn wasn’t always the way he was, no he wasn’t always a playboy that used, and cheated on girls. He didn’t always get into trouble with the law, he didn’t smoke, he didn’t drink and he wasn’t a jerk. Once upon a time he was all about sports and becoming a big time hockey player. But that changed, it all changed when he meet his first love, who brought him into the popular crowd.
John started changing after and during the time that he had meet and been with Constance Joanne Welsh.
It changed when his first love, Constance, dumped him because she was afraid her new self would influence him. It all changed when John no longer had a good guy friend to depend on. Except for Luth, who had always been there for him, but moved away and the only time they could see each other was at the hockey rink.
But this year, this summer that all changes. John will be pushed to his limits, not only in his mind, life and soul but in his heart. He will be pushed until his very self is gone and all that is left is tears, his tears for his loved one.
When he learns that the one he loves, the one he cares about, the one he’s been there for, has cancer, and has hidden it from him for so long, without his knowing.
With his worry all about her, their time left together, John will say goodbye to his Casanova days forever.
And with no time to be anything else, John will learn how to be himself again, how to love and what being a boyfriend is really about. All within one last summer.
It all changes,
When John, falls in love for the second time.

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