The Addictive Internet

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Bɪʙɪ Fᴀᴛʜɪᴍᴀ <--- Iᴛs ᴏɴᴇ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ʜᴏɴᴇʏ :) By BibiFatti Completed
A poem that talks about how addictive the internet is!
I just L-O-V-E it . yeah i am back and read it again. It reminds me of the poem Telivision by Roald Dahl. <3 <3
I love your poem . Its a mere truth described in  a beautiful way.
Really cute, but touching poem! Some of it hit home with me a bit x) Hopefully I don't ever get to a point where I can't walk away though D:
Haha, I remember when I was in 5th grade...I was so, so, so addicted to Neopets and the World Wide Web in general... ;)
                                    Lovely poem! Loved it. :D
THIS IS AMAZING BIBI BEAR and soooooo true i once used to be addicted to this game; i hate facebook tho