Sora X Male Reader ~ New Game

Sora X Male Reader ~ New Game

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MostlyForgotten By TooGayCantFunction Updated Jun 11, 2016

            I sat in a building near the building, waiting for the new kind to give his speech. Female elves who've worked with me in the bakery have said he was drooling handsome.

             My legs crossed as I sat in boredom. "Can't a guy have a strong hero too? " I whined. I gasped as I heard footsteps. Looking out my window I listened closely. 

                 H-he's the king!? I hopped from my window and down to the ground, sprinting over to another ledge to see closer.

               "Wow, " I mumbled in awe. "Those girls were right... I wouldn't mind meeting him... "

                I looked over and noticed he was looking at me. I blushed and waved slightly. He smirked and waved back, continuing to talk to the crowd. My jaw dropped, showing my awe for him. 

              I ran back and hopped over to my mother, who was working in kitchen in the bakery. "MA! MA! " I had called her. "The king waved at me! Maybe he could give me a job or help me out!!"


yikesaaron yikesaaron Mar 17, 2016
So um I randomly found this and the guy on the cover is cute where's he from??
Girxtina Girxtina Aug 17, 2016
Okay, calm down mother. I wanna go were the people are! If you love me, let me goooooooo!!
                              Mum please.
Choli-Chan Choli-Chan Nov 16, 2016
This is my first time reading a X "male" reader book
                              This will be fkn fun
Choli-Chan Choli-Chan Nov 16, 2016
Okay... did she collapsed ot something? Nor blood or anything? They enter the house without them knowing how da heck???
Choli-Chan Choli-Chan Nov 16, 2016
Boy I say Boy...
                              Your about to exceed the limitations of my medications
Choli-Chan Choli-Chan Nov 16, 2016
Hahaha damn that's fkn adorable 
                              I'm imaginating him a a 8year old dude but kay