Accidental x Derek Luh

Accidental x Derek Luh

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☹baby girł☹ By yellintymbrr Updated Nov 11

this gang member is finished with "one and dones" but his gang isn't. 

a story in which a girl falls for a boy that's gang related and ends up paying the price for it. 

"Everyone told her not to mess with him, she knew he was bad news. She let it happen. Now she has to pay the price."

This story caught my attention right when I read it. Good job with the hook.
I'm black, but I act white according to everyone I know. It's all good lol
*went wrong 
                              I don't know if his missions was in the past or not, but "went" is for past tense instead of "go wrong." And since you asked for my help.. Thought, I put my opinion. So far, good story! Though, I'm not an expert at correcting grammar and all. I'm just giving you my opinions.
of some business* that would be a better word for "somethings."