Just...Leave Me Alone (High School Au)

Just...Leave Me Alone (High School Au)

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PistolWolfInsane By PistolWolfInsane Updated Jan 06

As Ford gets extremely sick, and Stan dies, he sends Dipper off to high school. As Dipper struggles to get through Gravity falls high school he finds himself slipping into depression. With the bullying to recent death in his family, it's a struggle to even wake up in the morning. But with the transfer of a new student who goes by the name Bill Rehpic. Dipper just sees him as another bully, and attempts to ignore him. But, it's pretty hard seeing as he has him for every class. Meanwhile, Bill takes a liking to Dipper, attempting to know more and more. 

Will Bill be Dipper's savior? His lantern in the dark? His star in the night sky? Find out!

*Disclaimer and a few things to note about this story and the plot line!* Number one- Ford has erased Dipper's mind of Bill Cipher because Ford thought he was being driven mad.
 Number Two- Bill Rehpic isn't a demon....or is he???? ;3
Number Three- Dipper is 16 years old.
Number Four- He's accepted apprenticeship from Ford, Mabel isn't in GF

xXxCraig_TuckerxXx xXxCraig_TuckerxXx Oct 17, 2016
The last time someone said this to me, they ended up in the hospital and I got detention.
CastielTheAssssButt CastielTheAssssButt Oct 02, 2016
*puts in sock's hat from 'Welcome to hell' And a bill sweater* I am home
kano_kanna_kurrosawa kano_kanna_kurrosawa Dec 07, 2016
I want reading and God damn I only have 15 of lunch time what kinda school am I?!
kano_kanna_kurrosawa kano_kanna_kurrosawa Dec 07, 2016
Last time someone say this... *a terrified memory flash about blood and something gory*forget about it
kano_kanna_kurrosawa kano_kanna_kurrosawa Dec 07, 2016
Yes that is 'fun' being bullied, have yourself as a slave, pretend to be your friends just to hurt you more, and get many bruise and cuts from them what 'fun' it is!!! I 'love' school(sarcasm)
The_Strange_Fangirl The_Strange_Fangirl Nov 13, 2016
                              The school is the Hell, worst than the mindscape...