My Possessive Alpha Mate

My Possessive Alpha Mate

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He pushed me up against the lockers, his face inches away from mine. He's so close I can feel his minty breath fanning my face. Holy crap. He smells so fucking awesome. Seriously how is it even possible for someone to smell this good. His low growl breaks me from my thoughts.

"Mine" he grunts.

Woah, woah, woah. I belong to my fucking self, no one else. Oh HELL no.

"Excuse me, I belong to myself you fuck tard!"

Savannah - she's a werewolf. Yeah, I know she must be insane but not really because there's a whole werewolf world humans don't know about. Anyway, Savannah is the kind of girl that doesn't take shit from anyone. She's had a rough past that makes her doubt her trust in anyone except her family.

Jake - is cold hearted and gets everything he wants. He is the soon to be alpha of the White Moon pack, the strongest pack in America. The only problem is that he hasn't found his mate. To become the full Alpha he must claim his mate before the deadline.

Focus_On_Lexi Focus_On_Lexi Aug 02, 2016
Is "aloud" a common error nowadays? Because I've been seeing it an awful lot lately. A l l o w e d.
dadyyirwin dadyyirwin Aug 01, 2016
Wow the big brother is scared of his little sister mice😏😂😂
erinartie erinartie Oct 06, 2016
I'm gonna pretend it says a different body wash scent cause I literally hate vanilla and coconut!!😶
Hope_Davies Hope_Davies Aug 03, 2016
Everyone complains about having a brother, but I have a brother who is six years older than me and a sister who is two years older than me and I can happily say I have only fought with my brother three times.  My sister on the other hand we fight practically everyday and its like WWIII
haylee83003 haylee83003 Sep 14, 2016
I like the first chapter and cant wait to read the other 43 chapters!!!
Awesomer238 Awesomer238 Aug 01, 2016
Same... My brothers always try and wrestle with me, but forget the fact they are 3 years older than me and I always get squashed