The Assassin's Baby

The Assassin's Baby

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MsDreamerGirl84 By MsDreamerGirl84 Updated Jul 24, 2016

"Someone wants to see you," Isaias growled and loaded the gun. 

"Who?" I asked as I watched him. 

"A pussy!" He scowled then he puts on his safety goggles and ear protection before pointing the gun at the target. 

I chuckled. Sometimes, I wonder why does he hate women? 

Facing the innocent girl, I wanted to go back and knock Isaias out. Why didn't he tell me this girl is an Angel. I would have at least look decent in front of her. I was wearing a worn-out short and my with my white shirt. I was sweating since I was at the shooting range which almost an hour trying to soothe my frustrations.

I ran my fingers through my hair in a subtle way hoping my double cowlicks would cooperate today. 

"Hello, Tesoro," I drawled.

I met her amber eyes, and she gave me a tight smile. 

"I'm pregnant!" she said, without leaving my eyes.

I felt my body freeze and my head turns lightheaded. Not long, everything around me spins and I fell, but I landed on something. Hard but didn't hurt.

"I should have recorded this," it was Isaias talking sounding blur to me, but I'm pretty sure, he's thoroughly amused.

sexysiren29 sexysiren29 May 15
😂😂😂 don't play with fire girl cause he will sure burn u outttt
sexysiren29 sexysiren29 May 15
Sit on his lap for comfort and height 😂😂😂surreee u will be very comfortable 😜
sexysiren29 sexysiren29 May 15
I knew it ..... 😂😂😂😂 you couldn't say no for five mins not with the smooth charmer
lubuna lubuna May 26
i am so excited to read this book please can you update if it is possible
YWmikki YWmikki Jul 25, 2016
Is she Virgin? I asked bc normaly your female caracthers are alway virgin
geecalanasan geecalanasan May 31, 2016
I cant wait for this.. Am so excited.. Xoxo Ros.. Tc😘💋