King ◇ Phan AU

King ◇ Phan AU

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"I was a king under your control"
"But I was a slave under your control."
Dan is Prince of Evernon, soon to be king. He is trying to choose the right people to do the right jobs and is still waiting for his maiden to find him.
Phil is a magician and is the assistant to the head of The Black Enigmas, a group of specials wanting to bring down the king and release all the specials from the dungeons and out of slavery. He gets sent on a 'track and report' mission to find information and plot where and what to do at the attack. He tries to do what he is asked, but Phil can't control his emotions around his target.

Started: [12th March 2016]
Finished: [5th August 2016]

copyright; findingliguori 2016

I've just finished a really depressing phanfic & I can't thank you enough 😂❤
A combination of every option they have at the soda fountain, it literally tastes like memes I'm tellin ya
Trust me...being a British girl myself when EVERYONE tells you, you sound like dan howell, can be frustrating
joestherose joestherose Jun 27
the suggs vs the howells jsndidn i can't decide i love them both! imagine princess zoe and prince joe just walking with their perfect outfits and then there's prince daniel and prince adrian (if he is even in this is zoe in this idk) just looking back like it's gonna be war like AH
ALL MY FAVES IN THE SAME PLACE (except mileschronicles, Dan and Kovu is a unicorn)
Glad I'm not the only one who thought of Pete wentz then 😂