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Jealousy (An Adrienette/ Marichat / Ladynoir Fanfic)

Jealousy (An Adrienette/ Marichat / Ladynoir Fanfic)

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Your Typical Fangirl By fangirls_too_much Updated Feb 16

I do not own any of the characters in this fanfic!!//

What if a long distance Relative visited the Agreste residents? 

What if that relative shared the same secret with The young boy.

What if that relative.... 
Had the same eye for one specific girl..

~What if~

chatnoir_glitterz chatnoir_glitterz 5 days ago
Snickers satifies hunger,  not camembert cheese😂😂😂😂
RomanceAnd2ndChances RomanceAnd2ndChances May 16, 2016
Wait... Maybe Felix miss used the miraculous and Adrien ended up with the ring.
khila27 khila27 May 07, 2016
Idk how I should feel about this....I have mixed emotions on this situation /0.0/
Oreo-Cream Oreo-Cream Jul 25, 2016
I KNEW IT!!! Yet why does Adrien have to be related to him? Felix is just such a rude person.
MidnightDaydream2021 MidnightDaydream2021 May 23, 2016
Aaaaaannnnddd there's the cat pun! It's puurr-fect!! But does he really have to do it right meow in this situation? I mean he is claw-ever for covering it up! I bet he's feline good about himself now that he did that! OK, OK, I will paw-ssibly stop with the cat puns. 😄😂 I'm on a roll!!
ShiranaiAtsune ShiranaiAtsune May 09, 2016
Wait... Plagg's reaction to Felix... DOES PLAGG KNOW FELIX?!?!?!?! OMG! WAS FELIX THAT CAT NOIR BEFORE ADRIEN?!?!??!!?