Oasis book2 (August Alsina Urban) #Romance

Oasis book2 (August Alsina Urban) #Romance

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"It's just an allusion." 

- - - - - 

So?... What was this thing called again? You know this thing I'm talking about? Not the love or distrust.. 

 NO? I'll tell you... Well, it's called LIFE. And, I've been living it for 19 years now and so forth. And, it hasn't been all that grand, if I must say. I wish I had a Pyramid. I don't know why? I just wish I did.., wait I know why. So I can give it to the love of my life Cleopatra. Just to show her how much I lover her. I know, I know. I sound crazy, right. But her name is really, Cleopatra, and i'm not worthy of her. And, I'm basically the man she loves:  but we've been trough hell and back.. Lets jus' say I'm not like the others guys she'd talk too, I'm not rich and fancy like her her past boyfriend's. But, i'll be the best she ever have and I won't be replaced.  Crazy- no i'm crazy for her. And, what all that well go down, will this all be an allusion? An, Oasis? So? What is this thing called life again? I don't know, I wish knew- I just wish Cleo saw what I saw.. Me and her against the world... A Pharaoh and his Queen...

KiaraJonai KiaraJonai Mar 13, 2016
U can still attend school love.  Sure no dancing, but a baby does not stop ur education.  U two will get through it together,  it'll work out.
prettylilmama32 prettylilmama32 Apr 18, 2016
I'm loving this book and that video clip of August he's so fine 😍😍😍😍