Connected by the Heart- Dan Howell x Reader

Connected by the Heart- Dan Howell x Reader

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Xoxo_Sophie._.Kean By Sophie_kean_xx Updated Jun 30, 2017

How do you recover from a haunted past? You don't. How can someone become the one so quick? They don't. How can you live when the ghosts of your childhood still keep watch on you? You can't.


Everything that seems right always turns out wrong. Everything wrong turns out right. And with a past as bad as yours, nobody can help it, because in the end it comes down to that final decision

'Is my existence even that important?"


This book is the opposite of realistic don't tell me, I know. Hopefully you will laugh, cringe (unfortunately), scream and cry at this drama filled book with turns at every chapter, oh and if things get confusing I'm confused just go with the flow and let's begin....

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LordsArc LordsArc May 05, 2017
One time I tripped because my friend poked me in the back (I don't even know how I tripped though,she did it very light) 😑
mewny25 mewny25 Mar 26
Mcr/ Linkin Park shirt but I’m wearing a dan and phil shirt rn
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I stay up til 6. In morning we'll, on school nights we get up at 6 am so I stayed up til 4...
timetoscrem timetoscrem Jul 07, 2017
Omg my playlist was just playing Fergie and now it turned to mcr I guess you could say I have a diverse music taste
InsaneKilljoySinner InsaneKilljoySinner Dec 04, 2016
I panic and fall while wearing a panic! At the disco shirt 
                              That's one way to get senpi to notice me
TheLapisWolf13 TheLapisWolf13 Jan 11, 2017
My neighbours just called the effing cops I screamed so loud