Connected by the Heart- Dan Howell x Reader

Connected by the Heart- Dan Howell x Reader

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Xoxo_Sophie._.Howell By Xoxo_Sophie_Howell Updated Nov 09

How do you recover from a haunted past? You don't. How can someone become the one so quick? They don't. How can you live when the ghosts of your childhood still keep watch on you? You can't.


Everything that seems right always turns out wrong. Everything wrong turns out right. And with a past as bad as yours, nobody can help it, because in the end it comes down to that final decision

'Is my existence even that important?"


This book is the opposite of realistic don't tell me, I know. Hopefully you will laugh, cringe (unfortunately), scream and cry at this drama filled book with turns at every chapter, oh and if things get confusing I'm confused just go with the flow and let's begin....

21overspring 21overspring 5 days ago
I panic and fall while wearing a panic! At the disco shirt 
                              That's one way to get senpi to notice me
Come on girls it's not that serious *goes into closet and starts screeching*
I'd just stay on the floor and have an existential crisis for the rest of my life.
snazzyjazzy523 snazzyjazzy523 4 days ago
BethInABox_ BethInABox_ Mar 10
Gaaaaahhhhh  I'm so excited for this book it's amazing so far !
I wake up like 10 am, I would wake up later but I have a mental clock wich is installed on half past 6... (Btw autocorrect changed clock to cock wtf auto)