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The Cry of a Robin (Damian Wayne)

The Cry of a Robin (Damian Wayne)

7.9K Reads 289 Votes 10 Part Story
Fanfiction Addiction By theshipper101 Completed

Damian Wayne is on a quest to find the respect he deserves. He goes on solo missions, making a name for himself. Batman isn't too happy about it, but decides to let his son go, thinking it's for the best. 
Unfourtunatly, the new freedom turns sour when an old enemy who was once thought dead attacks, taking Damian prisoner. Will Batman save his little bird, or will his son be lost forever?

Any art in this fanfic is not mine! The art of the cover is not mine either but the editing is. I do not own DC or any of their characters!

Darkwater33 Darkwater33 Oct 22, 2016
Thank you for that detail!!! I love them and they are special to Damian in the comics. Plus, who doesn't love a Titus cameo?
nyaabear2000 nyaabear2000 Mar 24, 2016
I know I think it's  cool that the author  added that detail
nyaabear2000 nyaabear2000 Mar 24, 2016
That was amazing and you got all the great things right I can't wait for more
_wild1082_ _wild1082_ Oct 13, 2016
You stabbed one of them in the eye won't he bleed to death ?
WolfLuver03 WolfLuver03 Jun 29, 2016
Um, dude. You just left your DNA. They can scan it and figure out who you and Batman are. Pfft, idiot.