The Weird Kid (L X Reader)

The Weird Kid (L X Reader)

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Black Paper Moon By weirdo1211meow Completed

There is a new kid on school. You don't really care to much about it, until you first lay eyes on him.

"What!? Are you serious? He's a nut job!"

"Well... So am I."

"(Y/n), if you do really like that weirdo, don't come crying to me when he doesn't have any feelings for you."

You didn't care what anyone else had to say in the matter, you liked this guy, you liked, the weird kid.

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What did the butcher say to the other butcher?
                              Nice to meat you it bad...that because of him...i tend to sit like that without realizing it?
A dead one...
                              I need a better sense of humor.
Aww I love the way he sits. :3 I sat like him once on my couch and it hurt like hell afterwards
Me: "Oh you know, just dead inside and I also found out this summer that I am, suprisingly, clinically depressed. Thanks for asking."
Uhhh um sweetie....uh he kills people for a living but uh whatever floats your boat I'm gonna go find Lawliet so you have fun with Kira