Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles

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"I don't mind," he said right before cupping my face and bringing his lips to mine. Warmth spread throughout my body and I felt a tingling sensation. It was almost like pins and needles all over my body. As if Brad's actions were completely messing with my nervous system.


When Gwen has a hard time finding work, her friend Jill suggests she works with Brad at a tattoo parlor as his brother is abroad. After an impulsive one night stand, Gwen wonders whether it's possible to work with Brad. She really needs this job but her body needs Brad. Old habits die hard.

[Jill: The bad girl and the dork]
[Jake: The walking cliche]

swstrash_ swstrash_ Apr 27
aw Brad is so cute when he gets nervous😍😂 I wanna read his POV
Meg_cat Meg_cat Mar 11
This so really good. I read the Bad girl and the dork but I just didn't comment . I love you and your stories! :) Excited for next part
Potatocorns Potatocorns Apr 11
Pork XD Hear this all the time on Screen Junkies (from youtube)
Omg. I'm only 11 and I know what that means! I blame the 6th graders. And Gaven
God I love your stories! Is it wierd to say that I have read all the stories that are linked and loved them ALL. Bad Girl and the Dork and The Walking Cliche and recomended them both XD
fact! i was so queasy throughout the piece i did on my leg. i thought for sure i was going to pass out. i don't have a problem doing other people but gah, i was so worried doing myself.